overseas delivery service. 海外発送について

【​About overseas shipping】
​For international shipments (Outside Japan), please be sure to use "TENSOcom" and fill in the [tenso address] obtained from when placing your order.
​※We cannot ship items directly from our shop to overseas addresses. ​Be sure to use "TENSOcom".

​Please see here for how to use the forwarding service.

​The shipping fee from our shop to tenso address will be billed by our shop together with the product price at the time of purchase.
​Also, please pay the shipping fee from tenso address to your address directly to

​※our shop will complete the delivery of the item when the delivery is completed to the tenso address you provided. ​Please note that our shop is not responsible for any accident or loss during delivery from to your address.





海外配送サービスを開始いたしました。​We have started an overseas delivery service.